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This is the home of EXAGUN, a science fantasy adventure inspired by video game culture and music telling the story of a world where magic and technology have evolved alongside each other in unique and interesting ways.

The first arc, the Dragon Arc, is so named because laying the groundwork is like fighting a great big dragon. Also, there are dragons in this story. At least, there were dragons…

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Let me tell you a story.


Started 06/2020

The first issue of EXAGUN is being released page by page, and will be published on Kindle with bonus content once it is complete.

Let me introduce these characters –

These guys are simple guards with an easy job – dragons are pretty lazy and don’t come down from the mountains very often, so these layabouts are living comfortably and goofing off around the Dragonspire.

That is about to change, page 3 is out now!

A very early draft (left) of the opening scene where Silas is telling Liz and Milo about the dragons.

EXAGUN, Number One!