2017: The Year I Didn’t Buy A Single Game

01//03/18 You heard me.

I didn’t buy a single video game in 2017, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some good games.

My only regret is that I still haven’t had the opportunity to try out a Nintendo Switch. Somehow, that little console has eluded me thus far.

It was a very difficult year for some very personal reasons – I was unemployed for roughly half of it, which is about a harrowing experience one can get. I spent alot of that time playing Dark Souls, which was strangely comforting – if my in-game avatar can overcome some nigh-insurmountable enemies, who’s to say I can’t find a job? I eventually did, which has been it’s own kind of harrowing experience.

Once I started working, I didn’t have much time to spare for gaming, which brought me to dusting off my beloved 3DS. I tucked into some Pokemon, which is about as happy-go-lucky of a game you can find with satisfying depth, as well as Fantasy Life, who’s life/job system frustrated me in my unemployment.The 3DS was great, I’d play it in bed and just snap it shut and shove it under my pillow once my eyes got a bit too heavy.

I also delved into a few Free-To-Play titles to kill time here and there. These end up being mostly unsatisfying, but are adequate distractions when you need some mindlessness. None worth mentioning, really.

I was lucky enough to have enough spare cash to buy myself and my brother a ticket to rAge, the South African gaming expo in October. We tried a few games, but not many since I’d rather not wait in a stupid line, checked out all the epic cosplays and ventured forth with a few of the coveted freebies these events are known for.

I spent roughly a week playing the Crash Bandicoot remaster on a friend’s PS4, as well as trying out that weird game where you befriend a giant cat/bird/who knows what. Another friend let me play a fairly big chunk of Dark Souls 3 on his PS4, which was also quite fun.

I didn’t buy a single game in 2017, but gaming was still a very big part of the year. Here’s hoping 2018 is a fruitful year, so I can actually buy some games this time around!

Lastly, I need to mention TAY. I pop in here a couple times a week to check out some of the great writing that’s being done, and vicariously experience games through the various contributors, for which I say Thank You! or rather TAYnk You? No? Ok.

I hope to contribute more in 2018, and would like to thank Narelle for granting me authorship what feels like ages ago, allowing me to express myself and share my thoughts and feelings with you, dear readers and contributors. Notable mentions and shoutouts to: Nyren, Wiim, ThePickyGamer, GBD, Novibear, Ishamael, Redstripe118, Cleon, Slinker, DS, and, well, everyone else.

I hope you all have a great year!As always, thank you for reading!

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