5 Characters Super Smash Bros. Needs, Maybe

03/14/18 I’m not entirely convinced that Smash is a port anymore, and even though I wont mind a port with the DX treatment, an entirely new game brings the possibility of new fighters – and all the hype that comes along with that.

1) Lara Croft

Since we got Cloud Strife in SSB4, I don’t see how it would be out of the question for Lara Croft to join the Smash roster since Square Enix now owns the franchise, and are apparently friends with Nintendo again.

To be sure, Lara is alot more, erm, realistic than most of the roster, but we’ve had Snake so I don’t see how this is outside the realm of possibility.

2) Agumon and Tai

Here’s a wild idea, Bandai Namco may not be involved in developing the new Smash but can you imagine Agumon duking it out with Pikachu or Lucario? Let’s settle the age old argument with our in-game fists, who is truly better, Digimon or Pokemon? Tai would be something akin to Rosalina and Luma, where you are essentially controlling 2 characters at once. Agumon would do all the heavy lifting, with Tai there to guide him and support him.

Probably the most unlikely of the bunch, since Nintendo wouldn’t want people thinking Agumon is a Pokemon, now would they? His Final Smash could involve him Digivolving to Mega Level, and he could also have a rather varied moveset – lets say he can Digivolve up to MetalGreymon, hitting harder but progressively slower, akin to Bowser almost in this form.

3) Phoenix Wright

Everyone’s favourite video game attorney would make an excellent addition to the roster. I think he would have a rather interesting moveset, and would likely be quite fun to play.

Naturally, his Final Smash would start with one big OBJECTION! and perhaps the Judge will appear and squash Phoenix’s opponents with his gavel.

4) Spring Man/ Ribbon Girl

Nintendo’s newest IP probably hasn’t enjoyed as much popularity as Splatoon before it, but due to it’s nature as a fighting game, it wouldn’t take much to adapt the 2 most recognizable characters to the Smash roster.

I feel like this is the most likely of the bunch, obviously because it’s Nintendo IP. I haven’t played the game yet, but it does look like a whole lot of fun, and probably deserves a bit more consideration from those of us who are adopting the Switch nearly a year after the game was released.

5) Crash Bandicoot

With the upcoming release of Crash Bandicoot on Nintendo Switch, I think it would be only fitting that Crash lands a spot on the Smash roster. I think he would have a fun moveset of his own, and would be really easy to adapt to the game.

*Bonus* 6) Solaire of Astora

With Dark Souls slated for release on the 25th of May, everyone is really excited to take one of the most influential games of the past decade or so with them in all its remastered glory.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could Smash with everyone’s favourite Sunbro as well? He could throw Lightning Spears, and obviously his Upward Smash attack would be the “Praise the Sun” gesture we all know and love.

What do you think? Who do you want on the roster of rosters? Feel free to weigh in below!

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