A Different Side Of Gaming 3 – CS:GO: The Right Stuff

11/05//19 Welcome to part 3 of my series on CS:GO, where I dived in to see what all the fuss is about.

Last time, I spoke about some of the undesirable elements of CS:GO. This time, I’m going to talk more about the gamepiphany I had through playing one of the most popular and enduring First Person Shooters.

Let’s backtrack to part 1, where I stated that I really wasn’t into FPS games and only really played CS to humour some of my colleagues.

Mouse Matters

I had once believed that any old mouse was OK, and that these expensive gaming mice were merely self-indulgent niceties.

I started out quite happily playing Civ V on my laptop with a cheap mouse that I bought from the local Chinese tech shop, the kind that sells cellphone cases and powerbanks alongside various kinds of cables and what have you.

I used that same mouse when I started playing CS on my 23fps laptop (see “The Benchmark” from part 1), until I was gifted an old Razer Deathadder Chroma by my newfound mentor. He told me that one’s mouse was probably the most important factor in one’s gaming setup, so I installed the drivers and followed his instructions to set it up.

Frames That Matter

I had, until then, held the belief that excessive framerates and pixel densities did not a good game make, and still hold this belief. It’s nice to play games at a smooth 60fps, even 30fps is acceptable in most instances. But what of games that required split-second decision making?

Once I had obtained a more adequate PC, this friend of mine stressed that a high framerate was essential to becoming any kind of good at CS – the more frames you have, the quicker you can get and react to information. This makes perfect sense, even to someone who held a firm belief that 30fps was adequate.

So, we uncapped the framerate on my PC which runs on average about 300fps- good enough, except I only have a 60Hz monitor. My new mentor tells me I need a 144Hz monitor, but for now, the 60Hz would be fine since I’m only starting my journey.

Sound Matters

After receiving the Razer mouse as a gift from my mentor, I decided to take things a little more seriously. This guy wanted to share his passion and knowledge for and of the game, and instead of simply humoring him, I chose to learn what I could from him so long as he was willing to teach.

I had at this point begun to realize that there was much more to Counter Strike than shooting people in the face, there was an incredible tactical element to the game as well.

Sound cues give the player so much information. A footstep could give away the enemies position and their numbers, hearing a scope could tell you what kind of weapon they have, a reload could tell you when to attack. These were things I had never really considered in any other game of this kind.

At this point, the stereo headphones I was using just were not cutting it. I bought a second-hand Razer Kraken headset that did the job much better. I was much more able to discern enemy sound cues, as well as my own, and use these to my advantage.

“Perhaps there is something to these fancy peripherals, after all.” I thought. What had once seemed excessive and indulgent is now essential to my improvement. Except now, I have the right stuff, but I’m still swimming with the Silvers.

Feel free to comment if you enjoyed reading this, and check out the other parts in this series below.

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