InfiniTAY Days Of Writing!

“Oh, but FutureMan, you did not participate in the challenge,” you say.

I like to think by reading majority of the articles submitted, and enjoying the wealth of content, I most certainly did participate. It was wonderful!

To those who made it to the end, congratulations. I would star your posts, but alas, I cannot.

SixTAY Days of Writing meant a lot to me. I frequent TAY, and I can say with all honesty that I lurk here far more than I do on Facebook or any other social media, and it was a boon to always have something to read about.

It was a great time, I could see everyone start out with gusto and eventually everyone was scraping the barrel here and there. Some got second winds, some did not, some persevered, and some bowed out gracefully. I feel like even some of the low-effort articles over the past 2 months were the most entertaining in ages.

I’m a little bit sad that it has come to an end. Probably, most of you are a bit tired of writing every day, but I hope not. I really hope that some of you will habitually continue to contribute, if not daily, every other day.

I would really have liked to have participated, too, but in my line of work there are often days at a time where I do nothing but work. I am inspired by all your efforts, though, and I would like to make an effort to pick up the slack now that the challenge is over.

I have several articles on the fry, and I hope you will enjoy them while you take a well-deserved break.

As for my headline, I am by no means proposing such a challenge. I just hope that all the talented writers contributing to the wonderful community that has been developed here will stick around for a while at least, I know I plan to!

Special thanks to Picky, for cooking up this crazy idea and somehow making it work. You even got DS to contribute some more things! Or, atleast I think thats how it went down.

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