Pokemon Presents: What Could Next Week’s Announcement Be?

6/17/20 I’m trying not to get too caught up in the hype, but Pokemon Snap guys!

Christmas came early for Pokemon lovers. I didn’t really expect so much from that presentation.

They kicked things off with Pokemon Smile, an app that makes tooth brushing fun for kids. This blew me away, I know Nintendo has been very interested in stuff like this – health-oriented entertainment, I guess you can call it.

I don’t have kids of my own, but from what I have seen, tooth brushing can be a very stressful time for some parents and this kind of innovation is what makes Nintendo such a well loved company.

Pokemon Cafe Mix looks like a clever twist on the Candy Crush formula, and looks like a fun time waster. The designs of the Pokemon are super cute, it has a nice aesthetic if anything and as you could probably have guessed it’s available on iOS, Android and Switch. But not yet, it’s coming soon.

They then announced a cool event where if 1 million Zeraoras are defeated, everyone gets a shiny Zeraora. What a great event, I think! Hit me up in the comments if you want to take on some together!

They also announce Mega Evolutions for Pokemon Go, and it sounded like they are going to redesign them a bit.

Finally, they announced that they are announcing something else next week. Bam. Who knows what that might be.

My best guess is, probably not another mainline, but it is something big. Perhaps a third DLC, but who knows?

There were rumors of a Kalos expansion, so maybe that will ring true as the Galar and Kalos regions are a stones throw from one another. That, my friends, could be the third and biggest DLC. I remember a lot of speculation about it.

Who knows, we will have wait and see! Overall, I’m really hyped for Snap, and don’t know how they will top that or if they are even planning to. What do you think it could be? Let me know in the comments!

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