(Poll) Help Me Choose A Console!

2/22/18 Ahoy, TAY, how fare ye all on this fine day? Those of you who know me will know that I am firmly a generation behind the curve of modern video games, and that I didn’t even buy a game in 2017. 2018 is starting a little differently, and I need your help!

So to give you an idea of where I’m at in life, I’ve just started a great new job which has put me in the position to take a big step up and invest in a modern gaming device.

So what will it be, then?

Nintendo Switch –

I feel like I’m leaning hard towards the Switch – it’s a very attractive little device that is already packing a wallop in terms of the amount of great titles available for the system. I feel like I need something to replace my aging 3DS XL, which normally lives under my pillow.

The Switch likely won’t live under my pillow, since it isn’t quite as robust as ye olde 3DS, but it will be a nice step up and will promise a good few years of support in the form of video games I will want to play, of which there are already quite a few. It will fulfil mostly the same function as the 3DS, I imagine myself playing mostly in handheld mode while occasionally docking it for a richer experience in multiplayer once I’ve invested in a Pro controller.

However, my TV is a little on the older side and only has a single HDMI port. The 360 which lives next to it will still serve mostly as a Netflix box, and my brother still uses it quite a bit to play his CoD and what have you. So, I likely won’t want to use the dock very much, atleast in the beginning, although my brother will also want to play some games on the Switch.

Atleast for the forseeable future, until the Switch gets Netflix, it won’t be a permanent fixture by the TV. Unless we get a new TV, which I doubt since we generally live by the “if it aint broke” adage, and the TV is just fine so there’s no point in replacing it really.

Another consideration is that I might do some traveling in my new job, so the Switch would be an ideal companion. I could get by with the 3DS though, since I likely won’t have a hell of alot of time to game when I’m working out of country, and there is a deluge of games on the system that I haven’t played.

The PS4 –

As described above, the aging 360 lives in the singular HDMI port of the family TV.

The PS4 is rather attractive in that it’s quite reasonably priced these days, and has an impressive library of games. The graphics are superior to the humble Switch, but this might not be a fair comparison since I don’t think the Switch will live by the TV. The PS4 will replace the trusty 360 and provide the dual functionality.

I like to share, so I will be happy that my brother can play some newer games. He will probably also buy some games here and there, which is a win, even though our tastes are very different.

I am a huge JRPG fan, and the PS4 is the console that will satisfy me in ways the 360 couldn’t. There are some great exclusives that I’d love to dig into.

Xbox One –

Honestly, I’m not all that keen on the XBone. It does have some advantages, though! I wasn’t going to include it, but I thought what the hell.

Firstly, I love Halo. Halo is cool. I’d really like to play moar Halo.

Secondly, the backwards compatability is very tempting. I have a huge collection of games on the 360, many of which can be played on it’s successor, which will be great since it takes time to build up a collection of games. The games I have will basically be lost since there won’t be much reason to keep the 360, except as an auxiliary Netflix box in the event we get another TV.

I hate to say it, but I’m also liking the sound of the subscription service that Microsoft has been mulling over for the XBone. Nyren wrote about it a little while ago.

At the end of the day, each of these systems have great games to play. I likely won’t have time to play them all, so perhaps less is more?

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

(also if someone can please tell me how I can get the poll to display here rather than the link, I would be ever so grateful!)

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