Reminder: Pokemon Direct 6.6.2017 (Updated)

06//06//17 For those of you who are unaware, there will be a 8 minute Pokemon Direct with some “major” game announcements at 7:00 AM PT/10:00 AM ET. You can catch the Pokemon Direct here, or read on for a roundup of some of the rumors making their way around the internet. (Update: It’s over! Details at the end!)

By far the most prominent rumor that has been making its way around the interbutts is Pokemon Stars, a supposedly enhanced port of Sun and Moon destined for the Switch. The above image is official, and some people take that as a big fat hint that the rumors may be a little more than just rumors.

There really is no telling what Nintendo has planned, but the general consensus seems to be that Pokemon is destined for the Switch, and we will finally be able to play a mainline Pokemon game on a console.

There is also the possibility that the game will be available on both platforms, but that is probably less likely. They want you to buy their new system, and what better way to tug at your heartstrings than a shiny new Pokemon game?

A “leaked” image detailing one of the characters. It does look pretty legit to me

Other rumors, much less exciting, and atleast for me, less plausible, are remakes of Diamond and Pearl for 3DS. This makes little sense, since it’s still possible to play the originals on currently available hardware, so this is unlikely. These rumors have been around for a couple of years, already.

There is also speculation that Great Detective Pikachu will be localized, this also doesn’t see quite as interesting, or as likely. The game released in Japan in 02/16, so if they were planning to localize it, they likely would have by now.

Also in the remake vein, some fans are hoping for a Red/Blue remake. I like this idea. It is atleast plausible since Ruby/Sapphire were followed by FireRed/LeafGreen, so hopefully if the 3DS is getting a last hurrah in the form of a Pokemon game, this will be it. It is possible to play the original Red/Blue/Yellow using Virtual Console, but lets be honest – these games haven’t aged particularly well, as nice as it is to “return to roots” once in a while, these games deserve a re-remake.

Lastly, there is a possibility that they will just be porting Pokken Tournament to Switch, but in my mind this is a given and a Pokemon Direct probably has something more to it than a port everyone basically expects.

Thus concluding the rumour roundup, I’d love to hear what you would love most from the next Pokemon game! Which one was your all-time favourite? Is there anything I missed? Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings and memories!

Update 7:15 AM PT – Pokken Tournament DX (Switch) 22 September 2017, as well as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (3DS) 17 November 2017, AND Gold/Silver on the Virtual Console, also releasing 22 September 2017. Not bad! What do you think?

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