The Spiritual Successor: Another Eden (Chrono Series)

03//21//17 Spiritual succession is a modern gaming phenomenon that capitalizes on nostalgia for the games of old. It’s happened to Mega Man, and now, brace yourself Chrono Trigger fans, it’s your turn.

It appears that Masato Kato, famous for scripting Trigger and directing Cross, is helming a project called Another Eden. It has something to do with time travel and cats.

Here is a 36 minute gameplay video, if you are curious. It looks quite interesting. I cannot read japanese, so I don’t know exactly what’s happening. A demon looking fellow finds a baby in a forest, and is interrupted by an old man and a kid who I assume take the child in. It cuts “16 years later” (I think) when the actual gameplay starts.

The game looks interesting, but there is a lot I can’t make out from this video due to the language barrier- I see something that looks suspiciously like premium currency, but again, I should desist from making further speculation.

Slated for release “Spring 2017″ on Android and iOS. I think I would have felt better about this as a 3DS title.

Screens for those who don’t want to watch the video:

So, fine people of TAY, what do you think of this development?

Update: After more investigation, or rather google translating the official site, it appears that this will be free to play with”some in-app charges available”. The game is being produced by Wright Flyer Studios, a small Japanese company. Both of these factors obviously don’t bode well, to the point I almost wish I hadn’t written this. Admittedly, I was reservedly hopeful, but the devil is in the details.

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