Tournament Of Power: What You Need To Know

6/06/17 The Tournament of Power is upon us! The most anticipated and exciting arc in Dragon Ball Super is about to kick off, here is what you need to know, if you haven’t been following the developments.

(Spoiler Alert! You Have Been Warned) 

  • Each universe has selected a team of 10 fighters, who will be taking part in a battle royale – a total of 80 fighters will be duking it out on a giant circular stage.
  • In the last several episodes, we have had a fair amount of character development, with the likes of Gohan and Krillin returning to form.
  • Gohan is particularly badass – he basically Shoryukens SSJB Goku, who uses Kaio Ken to overcome him – and Gohan didn’t even go Super Saiyan!
  • Master Roshi has seemingly overcome his only weakness – beautiful young gals. How long will it last? Hopefully, long enough to save the universe!
  • Yamcha is disappointed that he hasn’t been invited, and has been fantasizing about participating for the past several episodes. I almost feel sorry for the guy, except, he did tell everyone that he wasn’t doing martial arts anymore.
  • Universe 6 has a few Saiyan fighters, who all have learned the Super Saiyan transformation with relative ease, they also stick with the food pun tradition, particularly Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla.
  • Supposedly, to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation, you have to make your back “tingly” between your shoulderblades. Don’t lie – I know I’m not the only one who has tried to go SSJ! No? OK, then.
  • Kale is basically the female Broly, with a dramatic transformation and a strange greenish aura – she is likely to be a great threat in the tournament, especially if Caulifla is in trouble. She is supposedly Caulifla’s protege, and is extremely protective of her. Perhaps her name is also a play on Kali?
  • Of all U7 fighters, Tenshinhan seems to be the weak link, even though he has his own Dojo and school. He nearly gets pwned by Master Roshi, who might be much more powerful than he lets on.
  • Majin Buu took only a few minutes of training to return to a skinny Super Buu type figure, yet as of the latest episode, he is asleep and seemingly won’t be participating (again, he fell asleep during a written test in the U7/U6 tournament) and just as easily became his usual fat self
  • Android 17 has agreed to enter, after initially declining, while Goten and Trunks look after his island. He also has a wife and 3 children, apparently!
  • As of the latest episode, it seems like Frieza will be making a dramatic comeback, to replace the slumbering Majin Buu. This should make some fans happy, who speculated that the team isn’t the strongest it could be – but then, Buu is more powerful than several of the other fighters, isn’t he?
  • Frieza is somewhat disappointed that he can’t kill his opponents, naturally. He really is one evil dude.

So, have I missed anything? It might take another 10 episodes before the tournament kicks off, in true Dragon Ball fashion, but for me it has been a very exciting ride thus far.

The stakes don’t really get any higher! What do you think? Have you been enjoying ‘Super? Will Frieza betray Universe 7? Of course he will, he’s Frieza. But when? Feel free to weigh in below!

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