Artists Log

06/26/20 I had a great interaction with a youtuber by the name if iEhmanuel, a young but very talented individual who gave me all sorts of great advice on improving my art.

It really opened my eyes at how far I have to go with my work, but I will stay the course and do my best even though I now feel that all my work until now could have been so much better with a little bit of good information, but I now have this information and it will help me to make much, much better artwork in future at a much faster pace. Hell, I may even be able to do a 20 pager every week! JK, but I have a lot of practising to do.

The young man I was talking to, today, taught me so very much and I am so grateful. I would even say that all the streaming I have done up until now has been worth it because of these interactions, I don’t think that young man realizes just how game-changing the info he gave me is. It’s both incredibly humbling and invigorating at the same time, it’s a strange sensation of feeling encouraged and inspired but embarrassed at the same time. I can’t explain it.

I’m not going to lie, the anxiety that comes with doing things like this is overwhelming at times but I’m glad I have been able to do all of this.

I’m going to do a nice artwork for iEhmanuel, what a champion! I hope you’ll look him up and support him, he is very talented. At his age, I could barely draw even basic things but he is already mastering some very advanced techniques. Here is one of his videos, go like it now so you can say you were there before he had 10k followers!

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