Artist’s Log 07/07/2020: On Consistency, or the Lack Therof.

I’ll be uploading a new page or 2 in the next day or so, I’ve fallen a little bit behind due to some personal issues arising as a direct result of the lockdown. I’ve put the fires out for now, so can focus on getting some more art up.

I haven’t been as productive as usual, mostly due to the aforementioned issues, but also because I don’t really want to force it. I will eventually, but sometimes a little patience with my writing has proven fruitful.

For example, when I came up with the idea to make the Dragonspire look like a PS5, I thought that was hilarious. It may not seem that funny to anyone else, I don’t really care so expect that kind of silly humor.

I’ve also optimized my workflow and am constantly experimenting with new techniques, and finding ways to do things faster and better. I like the aesthetic I have developed, so I’m trying to stay true to that but honestly that aesthetic is a result of trial and error and has been very incosistent thus far, so what I expect is as follows:

The art style will change enough that I will have to redraw the first few pages when the time comes to publish the first issue, or I’m just going to leave it as is and rather use that energy to improve my art and drive the story forward. I hope everyone is happy with that, I don’t want to bandy about trying to make everything perfect. If my story is any good, probably someone a lot more skilled and ambitious than I am will bring it to life in a way I could only dream of. That is a lofty aspiration, and by no means an expectation, but it’s good to have these ambitions.

If things are a bit slow, I do apologize. I have a bunch of pages ready, I just need to finish and color them, finalize the dialogue and story details. Definitely I will upload one tomorrow, maybe more if I am feeling inspired which is fairly likely since I usually gather momentum once I get busy.

I have uploaded a new video to youtube today, here it is:

I enjoy making these videos, but to be quite honest I need a better microphone. An external sound card would help too, because I have to use a very roundabout method to make songs (quality isn’t that great I’m afraid but I will work on it!) and the bad mic quality is very frustrating and in a way ruins my videos. Luckily some people are very understanding and have been very supportive.

I named the song (NOT)AND because I eventually, after owning this guitar for 12 years or more, have named her Nandy. NANDy. (NOT)ANDy. I dunno, my brain is weird from this isolation, so whatever.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like the video!

Marcus Stray – (NOT)AND (no vocals)

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