An early draft

EXAGUN is a story about the rise and fall of the dragons, the subsequent rise of humanity, and how they have shaped the world in the absence of the dragons.

Humans like to control things. This is no different in Avalon, the strange world with a familiar name, where most people tolerate magic in a form that resembles things like electricity and the internet of things, in this world called the “Maginet”.

This is a one-man show, so please support my wish to tell my story to you! I hope you understand that I don’t want to give too many details until I publish, but I will tell you about the first antagonist Milo and Liz meet in the mountains.

First, a little context. Milo and Liz are the grandchildren of Silas Candler, known to his friends as Buckles. Silas spent most of his youth studying ancient ruins trying to figure out exactly why the dragons disappeared, and came up with nothing except a resentment for the folktales and traditions surrounding this event.

Silas is now retired, and bitterly resents wasting his youth chasing what he calls shadows, and is unwittingly and unwillingly the only man with the knowledge to fight a dragon that has apparently appeared in the Misty Mountains, causing magical creatures and folk to behave more aggressively and more vocally of humanity’s controlling tendencies.

Convinced there is no dragon, Silas begrudgingly agrees to investigate the matter but is not prepared for the events that unfold…

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