Welcome to my corner, where I just sort of do my own thing!

I am a musician, artist, writer, blogger, and video game enthusiast. I am an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by trade, but very much enjoy my creative pursuits and would love to do them professionally.

Most of this started now, in 2020, after I got an abnormal amount of time to do these things. I hope to build the world of EXAGUN into a story that people can enjoy, something with heart that will surprise and delight people like me who love science fiction, nerd culture, video games and fantasy.

It’s difficult to marry science fiction with fantasy, as the two often seem to clash, but work very well together when done right. I hope to take my time to do this all properly, but am also trying not to drag my feet too much. The story needs to be told!

I’m hoping to have the first instalment out on Amazon in early-to-mid July.

I will also keep doing my Let’s Draw videos, and perhaps try some other things too. I am in the process of rekindling my passion for music, too, but can only do so many things at once and am trying not to overburden myself. So, for now, it’s Let’s Draw! and EXAGUN.

I write regularly for TAY, Kotaku’s reader run community, so you can check out my articles there about all things nerd culture, among other things.

I would love to hear from you, please find me on one of the channels below.


Let’s Draw is a YouTube video series that I started, doing various artworks on live stream and then using that footage to create high quality and informative videos full of artistic tips and character trivia. Here , you can see the results. It’s an interesting way to meet new people and get feedback on my work, so feel free to stop by!



I also write for TAY regularly about video game news, as well as retrospectives and opinion pieces. If you want to know more, I’ve provided a link below.

I have moved all my writing over to EXAGUN NEWS (in the site menu), but visit TAY through the above link anyway for some great writing from other gamers and nerds around the world!

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